5 Key Benefits of Using Teflon Wand Glides

A wand glide is a Teflon device which is fitted on the tip of the cleaning wand to reduce friction when dragging the wand over carpet or flooring. It usually fits over the outside of the wand tip but sometimes is fitted within the vacuum slot depending on the glide type.

The glide consists of a series of holes which allows the vacuum to do its job when the glide is attached. Teflon is the material of choice for wand glides due to its ability to slide smoothly over many different surfaces.

Teflon wand glides have many benefits for steam extraction carpet cleaning. Let’s take a look at some of the more important ones.

Comfort and Ease of Use

A Teflon wand glide significantly reduces the amount of effort involved in working the wand across the carpet. This reduces the fatigue of the operator as well as reducing the stress on the operators back and shoulders. This ability to glide smoothly also helps the operator to work faster with less effort allowing for faster job turnaround.

Improves Vacuum and Reduces Drying Times

The wide base of the Teflon glide allows it to ride over the carpet and not get caught in the carpets pile. This maximizes air flow through the glide which increases your devices CFM (cubic feet per minute) while maintaining excellent lift. The holes in the glide are designed to increase the velocity of air and water through the wand which reduces drying time by leaving less water on the carpet.

Prevents Damage to Baseboards and Flooring

The use of Teflon as a wand glide prevents scratching, scraping and marring of baseboards, furniture and flooring. The operator can easily maneuver the wand without worrying about bumping into things and dragging across surfaces like stone, ceramic tile or wood that are easily scratched with traditional aluminum wand heads.

Eradicates Streaking

A wand glide helps to disperse the jet spray from multi-jet, low profile wands which helps eliminate streaking and distortion. This also permits cleaning using a higher PSI to flush out dirt and debris without leaving excess water on the carpet.

Floor and Tile Cleaning

Teflon glides are useful for more than just carpet cleaning. Hardwood and tile floor cleaning is much easier as the wand will not scratch or dig into the flooring. The wand ‘floats’ over the surface thereby improving suction and leaving the floors cleaner and drier. These glides are a must for any stone or tile floor cleaning business.

Are There any Disadvantages?

Teflon wand glides do not last forever. You can expect one to three years of useful life depending on your usage. Also, a single glide does not fit all wand types. You must get a glide that is fitted specifically for your brand and type of wand. A good fit is essential to prevent air leakage at the edges that could reduce suction and impair performance.

Occasionally you may get some clogging at the glide holes. This happens infrequently especially if pre-vacuuming is performed. It’s a simple process to push any stuck debris through the holes into the wand. It’s a good idea to remove the glide and clean the wand slot every few months to extend its life and maintain optimum performance.


Teflon wand glides are a useful extension to the traditional cleaning wand. They can provide benefits for both truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment as well as portable carpet extractors. These glides are so simple and functional it makes you wonder why wands were ever made without them in the first place.

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