Carpet Cleaning Equipment: Cleaning Wands

The process of steam extraction cleaning using truck mount carpet cleaning equipment is the most common method used by residential carpet steam cleaners. While the truck mount is the source for water pressure and vacuum power, the cleaning wand is where this power is concentrated to clean the carpet itself. A good cleaning wand is an essential piece of carpet cleaning equipment. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of a good carpet cleaning wand.

Most wands are made of stainless steel tubing, usually 1.5 to 2 inches round, with either stainless steel or brass couplings. The couplings connect the vacuum hoses and water lines to the truck mount cleaning machine. A cushioned handle on the top provides the operator the ability to securely grasp the cleaning wand to perform the steam extraction process. Those designed specifically for use with truck mounts are also insulated to prevent injury due to excessive heat buildup.

The bottom of the wand is usually 12″ to 16″ inches wide with the longer sizes allowing for more coverage per each pass over the carpet. They can use anywhere from one to six nozzle jets to deliver the hot water and carpet cleaning solution. The size will depend on your particular carpet cleaning machine and the water pressure (psi) required. Teflon glides are used on the bottom of the wands to allow for smooth and easy movement over the carpet which helps with consistent delivery of the cleaning solution and also helps reduce operator fatigue.

Many wands are referred to as ‘dual bend’ or ‘s’ curved which means the wand’s tube is curved at the top and bottom to help facilitate easier reach under beds, low furniture, etc. Some models use swivel heads to make them even more flexible.

Finally, for an even deeper and more restorative clean there are ‘power’ wands that utilize rotating, agitating brushes at the wand tip for improved dirt and soil pickup. These wands are as easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner thanks to wheels on the bottom. The brush mechanisms deliver a consistent mix of cleaning solution and water without the use of jets thereby improving drying times. This process also eliminates the need for ‘dry passes’ over the carpet before applying the hot water and thus can reduce the overall job time with improved results. The downside? They cost 3-4 times that of a standard cleaning wand so you’ll have to decide if the trade-off is right for your business.

A good cleaning wand is an essential tool to maximize the capabilities of your truck mount carpet cleaning equipment. A quality wand is not that expensive, particularly after you’ve invested in a carpet cleaning van and truck mount carpet cleaning equipment so make sure to get the right wand that meets all your business needs.

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