Carpet Cleaning Vans – Overview

Welcome! Carpet cleaning is one of today’s fastest growing small businesses. Entrepreneur.com reports that six of the Top 10 fastest growing franchises for 2010 are cleaning companies! While buying a franchise is one option, you don’t need one to be successful. The biggest reason for this is the use of truck mount carpet cleaning equipment. Carpet cleaning vans equipped with truck mount ’steam extraction’ machines can provide professional carpet cleaning services on par with those from the largest companies. This ‘level playing field’ provides a great opportunity for starting a new carpet cleaning business or expanding an existing one. Whether your customer base is commercial, residential or both, a reliable carpet cleaning van and truck mount carpet cleaning equipment are key to your companies success.What kind of van do I need and how do I configure it? Here’s an overview of what kinds of vans to look for, how they work with truck mount equipment and some key factors to consider in evaluating different makes, models and truck mounts.

What should I look for when purchasing a carpet cleaning van? We can help with a review of the most popular makes and models. While GMC and Ford are the traditional leaders in this category, the newer Dodge Sprinter has some significant capacity advantages you may want to consider.

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