Construction Zones are Wreaking Havoc on Self Driving Cars — Construction Junkie

There are some possible solutions, however, but they will require a lot of work.  The construction zones aren’t really a huge problem for cars that still having a steering wheel and pedal, as long as someone is physically able to operate it.  For those who cannot, or in cars that don’t have a steering wheel or pedals, some companies are planning to open call centers to help the car navigate around trouble areas.

Another option uses short range communication technology to allow the cars to speak to each other which could alert other cars of a hazard up ahead.  According to Wired, “the National Highway Safety Administration plans to mandate that all new cars come equipped with this ‘talking’ tech by 2020.”

While not directly a problem for the construction industry to solve, as self-driving technology becomes more and more viable, some changes will probably need to be made. After driving in different states around the country, it’s clear that standard practices for signage and barricades need to be addressed and enforced, but it’s unclear exactly how that should happen.

Full story: Why Self-Driving Cars *Can’t Even* with Construction Zones | Wired

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