Custom Embroidered Baseball Caps Will Add A Professional Image To Your Business

One of the things I did in my business was make sure the customer knew who my employees were. Basically I needed low-cost uniforms!

So I had my buddy who owned a printing company make me a bunch of t-shirts, caps, sweaters and light jackets with my company name and logo plastered across them.

This is important for not only for looking professional, but for branding purposes as well. You need to get your name OUT THERE as much as possible. I gave them to all new employees that made it through the training process. So if a staff member stuck around for 2 to 3 weeks, then they got t-shirts and a cap.

I normally gave one t-shirt for each day of work per week. If they worked 3 days per week, they got 3 t-shirts. You get the idea. If they stayed for 6 months I supplied them a sweater and jacket. As far as the sweaters and jackets, they usually only received one each. This one simple act made my company look like the real deal!

Plus it had the added bonus of promoting my company, as the staff tended to wear the stuff I gave them outside of work as well. Anyway, by far the most requested item was custom baseball caps with my logo on them. These were not only requested for by my staff, but by my friends, family and even people I didn’t know!

For some reason baseball caps as are just super popular and in demand. Nowadays you don’t need a friend who owns a printing business, all you have to do is visit Amazon and check out this deal on custom embroidered baseball caps (currently only 5 caps for only $49.99). At that price you can get 10 or 20 and not break the bank (I paid $22 each the last time I bought mine from my buddy).

The nice thing about having custom caps made is that people wear them everywhere. They wear them to their regular jobs, to dinner, to the park and tons of other places where you get FREE ADVERTISING day after day. Done right you’ll get a lot or return on your investment if you take the time to re-invest a little money back into your business with branded baseball caps with your logo on them!

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