How To Grow Your Business On Google

How Google Helps Find New Customers

Are customers finding you FIRST on Google (and not your competition)?

This is the million dollar question. Do you even know how customers search for you online? Is it by specific keywords on Google? Or is it by a referral? Do you even know how many customers are going to your website everyday?

Connect and Share Ideas with Local Business Owners on How To Market and Grow Your Business Online on Google and oGoing!

Learn how to promote your products and services locally and nationally using your website and quality content on Google. Find out how these marketing and networking platforms work best for your business to find new customers on April 12 evening.

Our Main Topic for the Business Roundtable

How To Get Page One Ranking On Google

Local Marketing and Local SEO

How are your customers finding you online on Google? What keywords are they searching for that lead them to your website? How to make sure your website appears first on Google?

We will also discuss answers to these questions:

What happens once customers go to your website? Do you have a great landing page? Do your customers automatically fill out that contact form, call you, or go elsewhere?

Is your website even listed on major search engines and directories that help your customers find you online? We will talk about how to get your business *properly* listed on Google and oGoing.

Next, we will share tips and ideas on how to create your strong online presence, improve your search engine ranking, and grow quality website traffic.

Did you know that high quality, original content that properly informs your customer and makes their lives easier is the best online marketing strategy Quality website content will not only engage your visitors but also drive up the conversions.

Successful business owners will be attending who are currently leveraging content marketing for their online marketing needs. Learn from these owners on how you can grow your business online!

We will go under the hood, and check out business websites that have a great SEO value, engage customers and attract new business.

Come prepared to connect, share, learn and have a great time!

Business Owners Roundtable Location

Real Office Centers, The VineOC
Large Hall In The Back
5151 California Avenue, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92617

Date and Time
Wednesday March 8 from 6 pm to 8 pm


Our Sub Topic for the Business Roundtable

oGoing Local Business Network

We will also share knowhow on oGoing.com local business network to promote your business, connect with prospective clients and boost your SEO.

Thank You ROC for your hospitality!

oGoing is USA's Local Business Network

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