How To Write A Classified Ad For Your Carpet Cleaning Business

Find out how to write an effective classified ad for your carpet cleaning business and attract more customers.

How To Write A Classified Ad For Your Carpet Cleaning Business

Classified ads can be a fantastic source of new clients for your carpet cleaning business. However, in order for them to be effective they need to be written correctly. Here we will look at the some of the best practice for writing a classified ad which gets attention and converts readers into leads.

Include A Strong Offer In The Headline

It is important to include a strong offer in the headline as this is what will make the reader sit up and take notice. A strong offer is one which is compelling enough that even a person was not considering having their home cleaned they might after being presented with the offer.

Make Sure To Test The Classified

There is only one way to know whether a classified works or not and that is to test. You should run variations on your classified to see which produces the most inquiries as a result. Elements of the classified to test include:

* The offer

* The headline

* The body of the ad

When running a test you only want to test one element of the advertisement at a time. So for example in week one you might want to test headline A. In week two you would change the headline but keep the rest of the ad identical. By changing only one element at a time you will be able to tell what is working – and what’s not.

Don’t Include The Name Of Your Business

A common mistake is to include the name of the business in the title of the classified ad. Remember that your customers do not care what your carpet cleaning business is called, they care about what your carpet cleaning business can do for them. The headline is critical because if it isn’t compelling people are simply going to skip over it.

Don’t Waste Space With Platitudes

The space in your advertisement is valuable so you want to be sure that you don’t waste it with platitudes. Something that many people do is include the phrase “free quotes”. Everyone offers free quotes and so this is not going to be  enough to entice someone to call you.

Test Different Publications

Don’t assume that because a classified performed poorly in one publication that your classified ad is a dud. You should test in different publications as they can have different reader demographics. You also want to make sure that if you have an advertisement that is working that you expose it to as wide an audience as possible.

When used properly classified ads can produce a steady flow of new leads for your cleaning business. The key is to test, test, and test again until you have an advertisement that is working for your business.


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