Navigating (M)sds Management and Deployment in The Digital Age

MsdsDigital.com is offering a free online Msds binder and access to their (m)sds database of over 150,000 records. Registered users can add any of the safety data sheets to the online binder and even upload any additional records that cannot be found in the database. Over 80,000 of the records in the database are the new 16 section safety data sheets (sds) that OSHA requires all of us to transition to.

There is nothing new about the fact that keeping complaint with OSHA’s Hazard Communications Standard is a cumbersome task. And how many times have you walked into the job trailer to find a page of your MSDS book with phone numbers scribbled all over it, or found it on the floor of the van, stepped on, kicked around, with pages falling out of it? The guys in the field have no idea how much time it takes to compile one of those books. I once had a Super tell me he found his in the porta potty! One thing that everyone can agree with… keeping your MSDS book clean, up to date, and in its proper place is costly and time intensive, and many of us just cannot keep up with it.

I remember when lasers became popular on the jobsite, cellphones, project management software, fax became email… And now it’s time to embrace technology for (M)sds management and deployment.

Setting up your free online (M)sds binder takes just a few minutes, and once it’s set up you can add as many sheets to your binder as you need to, it doesn’t matter if you take them from our database or upload them yourself, there is no limit as to how many are in your binder, and it’s all free.

Every registered user will get a unique URL to your new digital binder. That URL can be shared as a link in your email signature, in a footer item on your website, or from your Twitter, Facebook and G+ pages. Everyone you are connected to can find your online (M)sds binder without ever having to contact you or your staff.

Employees can also access the online binder via the same URL, they don’t need to log in or register. Just provide a link for them on any smart phone, tablet or computer. They can access any of the (M)sds sheets you’ve added to your digital binder, and even search for one if you haven’t added it to the binder yet.

A special notice here: OSHA requires you to train your employees to know where your (M)sds are and how to find the one they are looking for. The online digital binder is no different. To be compliant, you must to show your employees how to find the website and navigate the site on whatever device they are using. The same as if you have a book in the job trailer.

Even if you want to continue using the printed paper (M)sds books on the job site, it’s still a good idea to have an online binder. It can be used as the master file that’s kept up to date by one responsible person in the office, and have a place for job superintendents to go to print the copies that keep the books in the field up to date without each of the Superintendents and office staff repeating each other’s work month after month.

MsdsDigital.com is a real money saver. There’s no hidden cost, and no add-on cost, everything we’ve described above is completely free, paid for by advertisers. Register now at MsdsDigital.com.


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