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So you have a new, high quality carpet cleaning website template and every bit of marketing advice you read tells you must blog.  For SEO. For content marketing.  Because it’s the internet and you need lots of words.

So you get ready to write.  You’re going to educate your carpet cleaning leads so they’ll love you and hire you.  You’ll be the expert in carpet care in your entire market.

The first week you do a couple of blogs you think are pretty good.  Nice start.

Next week you have one idea that’s decent and get a draft of it published on the blog.  It’s not perfect, but it was busy so you couldn’t edit it.

Next week nothing.  It will come back.

Next week you squeak-out one more post that even you admit is ho-hum.  Pretty much copied the idea off the Dyson website.

Three months later and that’s the last blog you did or plan to do in the near future.

You ask yourself What can I say about carpet cleaning that’s new?  Why do people need to get this info from me?  My leads don’t care, they just want their carpets cleaned.  

You know what, you’re right.  You can talk about types of carpet and types of cleaner and how to get all types of puke out, but your leads won’t care.  They don’t need you to write a different version of what’s on Dyson or Carpet Wise.

Yet they will navigate to and read over your blog.  It’s often one of the most important areas of a small business website.  Why?  What are they looking for?

To explain, consider that dealing with a carpet cleaning lead who’s evaluating your website is kind of like going a first date.  You ask each other open-ended questions where the way the answer is given is more important than the answer itself.

For example:

  • Are you a dog or cat person? 
  • Are you a morning or night person? 
  • What’s your idea of a dream vacation?
  • What’s on your bucket list?
  • What’s your biggest pet peeve? 

If you’re liking this person, you don’t care if they’re a morning or night person.  You want to get to know them better through their answer.

Leads looking at small business website blogs realize they’re not going to find profound, revolutionary information that’s going to change their world.  They probably aren’t interested in what you’re saying at all.  Like the first date, they’re interested in how you’re saying it.

If you want to make your carpet cleaning website blog easier to write and more interesting to read, think of it as a personal diary where you share stories, opinions, and details on what you’re like to work with and why you’re in business.  Your goal (beyond adding SEO content to your domain) is to get leads to trust you.

Trust.  So much comes down to it with online lead-generation.  If a visitor comes to the conclusion that you’re fair dealing, responsible, and experienced, they’ll be willing to let you into their home.  If they feel unsure in any way, that’s enough to cause them to move on.

Good writing always has a theme.  A central idea that drives the story.

Make your blog’s theme: Why you can trust me to clean your carpets, show-up on time, clean-up after myself, and leave you feeling like you got your money’s worth.

Forget about trying to educate the consumer.  Unless your work is highly specialized, you have no hope of developing genuine expertise.  You’ll just end-up copying stuff off of other websites.

Instead, write a diary that tells why you do what you do and why someone should hire you.  People will look it over and they’ll appreciate your honest, genuine approach.  You might just answer a few important questions as you go.  You will rank better for important keywords.

But most of all, you’ll get people to trust you.  That leads to more carpet cleaning leads.  That’s worth a couple blog posts a week.

Note, if you don’t have the time or ability to write, a good ghost blog writer can do this very thing for you.  Just make sure they understand your goals. 


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