Premium Carpets Deserve Premium Service

Do you advertise a premium carpet cleaning service that uses all the best technology, cleanses every carpet fiber, and leaves the homeowner knowing their carpet is now as clean as it can be without being new?

And now the real question:  Is your premium service actually superior to your normal services, or is it just a label with some extra bells and whistles?

It’s worth noting that for a service like carpet cleaning, there is no such thing as “luxury” services.  A luxury service is something that’s intentionally excessive.  It lets the consumer show off, communicating that they can afford the excess.

You can’t really market carpet cleaning as luxury, even to affluent customers.  There’s nothing to show off or luxuriate in.

If you try to sell a luxury service that provides no added value, you take a risk.  Eventually, savvy customers will realize that buying this kind of service just makes them look stupid.

A premium service should clearly state the value-adds the customer is getting for the money.  They should be valid and beneficial.

Eventually, trying to get people to pay for empty bells and whistles will cost you.

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