Stain Resistant Carpet Cleaning Marketing

Why do carpets come with stain resistant technology?

Why do we put break lines in sidewalk concrete?

Why wear a seat belts?

Because things not only don’t “always” go as planned, they rarely do.

Sometimes shifts in our work are inevitable.  The ground shifts under a sidewalk, and the concrete cracks.  We know it will happen, so we put in break lines so the cracks can’t spread, ruining the entire sidewalk.

Kids drip mustard, dogs puke, and neighbors who have had a few too many spill red wine.  So we get stain resistant carpet to prevent it from getting ruined.

And so it is with your carpet cleaning service marketing.  You won’t get it all right the first time through.  Mistakes will be made, assumptions will be proven wrong.  You’ll try something, and it will fail. You’ll need some time to dial it in.

If you plan ahead for this reality, you’ll be prepared and flexible to the needed changes.  If you don’t, you’ll freak out every time a crack appears, then panic your way out of finding a solution to your problem.

What are your carpet cleaning marketing break lines?

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