The Cheat Sheet for Writing Engaging Real Estate Emails

Do you use email as a marketing tool?

Many real estate agents do.

Did you know that if your reader is not engaged within 5 seconds, they are likely to stop reading your email?

That’s a very short time to make a good impression.

If you are using email for marketing purposes or lead generation, there is one thing that’s vital for effectiveness:


Without engagement, you risk losing your readers and all the effort you put into crafting your email will be deleted with the click of a button.

Let’s take a loot at the 3 main elements of an email, and what you can do to maximize the effect of your message.


The Sender

It’s important that the sender (that’s you) is always the same so that it’s easily recognized by your recipients.

Popular email providers like Gmail and Yahoo show the sender on the far right, making it the first thing that users see.

For iPhone and iPad users, they see the sender in bold at the very top of their email.

If your readers don’t recognize who the email is from, there is a good chance they will delete it without even opening it.

Be a consistent “sender” that people will recognize.


Subject Line

After the sender, the subject line is the most important thing because that’s what will get people to actually open your email.

Use the “4 U” technique to come up with a catchy headline that will reel people in.

  • Urgent – Urgency encourages the reader to open the message. Use urgency to get them to act now rather than later.
  • Useful – A useful message offers a benefit to the recipient and entices them to read it.
  • Unique – A unique subject says something new or unusual that sparks curiosity in the reader’s mind.
  • Ultra-Specific – Being ultra-specific in your subject line makes people want to know more details, and the reason why you were so specific in the first place.

These 4 techniques will grab your readers’ attention and drive them to open it. Combine 2, 3, or even all 4 of them to increase their effect.


Message Body

A recognized sender and a catchy subject line will get the email opened.

But you need a good message to keep them reading.

Your writing should start with either a question or a one sentence summary of the email. Both methods will keep them reading for more.

Break up your text so that it’s in paragraphs of 1-2 sentences each. This makes it much easier to read for the eyes.

Use bolding and italics to emphasize words, and use bullet points and subheadings where appropriate.

A concise email has the best chance of being read all the way through. Get to your points quickly and don’t ramble on.


Add a P.S.

Adding a post script (P.S.) to your message almost guarantees that it will be read even if the readers skim through your message.


Because hardly anyone uses them anymore. It’s a unique thing that your reader isn’t used to and they will read it out of interest.

It also makes you seem more genuine and approachable, which are great traits to have if you want to earn somebody’s business.


Build Your List

None of this even matters if you have no one to send your emails to.

If you don’t have an email list yet, start one now! You are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

There are several ways you can do this.

Ask for propects’ email addresses when talking to them.

Also, be sure to get your past customers’ emails too if you don’t already have them.

Have an email opt-in form on your website and offer visitors an incentive to sign up for your emails.


Build your email list as large as possible, and take advantage of email as a great marketing tool.


To your success!


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