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You have to love the tools you can use for your online carpet cleaning marketing.

Facebook.  Wordpress.  Twitter.  Medium.  Instagram.  YouTube.

Yes, you have the tools to create remarkable content in abundance.   You can become a publishing magnet of the carpet cleaning world.

With one qualification:  you have to get people to pay attention to what you publish.

And unfortunately, this is not easy.  In fact, there is a chasm that exists between hitting the publish button for a piece of content and an audience lending their attention to it.

It’s become the irony of digital marketing.  It’s never been easier to create high quality content.  But because it’s so easy there is an explosion of it, making it that much harder to promote.

As a carpet cleaning business with a localized audience, you really have to take this to heart.  Is all the effort, creativity, and promotional effort needed to create a blog people will actually read or social media channels people will actually follow even worth it?  Who is your target audience and why will they lend you their valuable time?

Is there any point to what you’re trying to do other than just trying to push up your organic SEO results?  Is all that effort worth it instead of just paying for more clicks?

Maybe you have a truly unique idea.  Or incredibly useful content on carpet care.  Maybe you’re just damned funny.

If so, you might make the jump and cross the chasm.  If you make it to the other side, the rewards can be major.

But be aware of the millions of SMBs flailing around in the depths.  Weighed down by expensive, useless content creation, they plummeted into the abyss where the light of ROI never shines.

Publish is funny little button.  You hit it and it feels like you’ve accomplished something important.  But really it’s just the deep breath before you make the big leap.

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