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Remember the days of handing out business cards?  They used to be the “intro” to your business and reminder people could keep around so when they needed a carpet cleaner, they could call you.

You probably still have a business card, but it doesn’t serve as the intro it once was.  Today, it’s your carpet cleaning website that serves this role.

Is a website just an expanded business card? Yes…and while it’s so much more, it may be best to think of it that way.

Your website connects to your business name and serves as your Yellow Pages listing.  It’s also a brochure with descriptions of the carpet cleaning services you offer.  And it’s a referral tool by having a few strong testimonials listed.  It may be an introduction to your staff with pictures and short bios.  It is certainly a good coupon book, where new customers can get discounts.  And it’s a place with advice and information, so you can tell people how to take better care of their carpets.  Oh ya, it can be a good retention tool, where you center communication that goes out to your existing clients…

You get the idea.  An updated website is a lot more than a business card.

Yet imagine that old business card, under a magnet on a lead’s refrigerator.  When they need their carpet cleaned, you want them to grab that card and give you a call.

But few people hand-out – much less keep – paper business cards anymore.  Because they have a smartphone that let’s them look-up whatever they need without having to clutter pictures of the grandkids on the fridge with business cards.

If you’ve met a lead or are getting a referral, on thing that comes into play is what is called navigational search.  This happens when someone is looking for your business by name – if they can remember who you are.

One thing many carpet cleaning businesses underestimate is how important it to have a business name that easy to remember.  Something catchy and short that you can rank for when someone searches for you on Google.  This is a name you own on search:  you’re always in the top position.

Leads want to use your website like a business card – as way to refer to you.  So in the digital age, it’s important to have an easy to remember brand/domain so people can look you up by name.

And you can still keep handing out business cards – it won’t hurt.  It’s simply better for you to expect that they’ll lose them.  It’s your website that’s the focal point for new carpet cleaning leads.  Make sure they can find your website, and that it says what they need to hear so they’ll reach out to you.

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