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You want to be available 24-7 for your precious clients! GREAT!

So you probably have your cell phone number PRINTED on your business cards. But think how special someone would feel if you said…

“Let me WRITE my personal cell number on my card so you can get through to me at any time.”

Then just turn your business card over and clearly write your cell phone number you normally would have printed on the front. WOW! Now they will feel “special”.

NOTE: Don’t throw away your old “cards-with-your-cell-number-written-on-them”. Instead, carry both sets and use your no-cell-phone # cards with…

Insureds:“Mr. Jones, I know this water damage is a very traumatic time for you. Let me write my personal cell phone number down and feel free to call me any time- 24 hours a day!”

Commercial Facility Managers: “Here is my personal cell phone number and with your permission I’ll share it with your tenants in the complex. That way they can bother me instead of you!”

Home owners: “Mrs. Smith, here is my card. Let me write my cell # down in case your husband has any questions. This way you folks can call me direct.”

Potential “recruits”: When a possible “Very Best People” candidate serves you in a store or restaurant say: “I’ve been impressed with your attitude and hard work. Let me write my personal cell # down. You might want to give me a call me about a really great career opportunity we have opening up.”

NOTE: You are “competing” for the Very Best People! This means you will “raid” other businesses! Don’t worry- they do it to you too!

CAUTION: Give your techs business cards. BUT remind them to NOT to give their personal cell numbers to customers. (And ESPECIALLY not to a client’s attractive daughter!)

And HERE are 16 hints on improving your business cards! Now git out there and hand your cards out… to everyone!


About Steve Toburen

Director of Training for Jon-Don’s Partners for Success™ program, Steve Toburen spent over 20 years “down in the trenches” as the owner of one of the most successful cleaning and restoration firms in the country. Check out Steve’s technician training program HERE.

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