Your Marketing is an Investment

One of the bigger mistakes carpet cleaning marketers make is to view their marketing as an expense instead of an investment.

You’re viewing marketing as an expense if you work from a static annual budget.  You spend X amount no matter what, because that’s what your budget allows for.

Static doesn’t work well with marketing.  It’s not a put in X and get Y proposition.  Rather, it’s a process that needs to be modified and improved in order to get the maximum return.  Smart marketers will always invest more if they know they can get more return from it.  People who view it as an expense just put some ads out there and hope they’ll work.  They let their carpet cleaning website design flounder.  They don’t bother when new platforms are developed or new technology is being used by leads.

An investment is flexible.  It increases in areas where there is return, decrease where there is not.

If you see marketing as an expense, change your mindset.  You won’t gain competitive advantage unless you invest in it.

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